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7 Reasons to See an Orthodontist by Age 7

  1. Plan ahead... a proactive screening helps to ensure the teeth and jaws are properly aligned
  2. Receive early treatment... in some cases, early treatment to guide jaw growth can lessen the difficulty of treatment required at an older age
  3. Diagnose bad oral habits... although it may look cute, thumb sucking and soother habits can cause crooked teeth and narrowing of the upper jaw
  4. Check breathing... orthodontists also check to make sure your child is breathing normally and has a clear airway
  5. Check out the teeth that haven't grown in yet... by taking an x-ray, the orthodontist can predict how your child's teeth will grow in. Early intervention with protruding, missing or impacted teeth can prevent complex treatment or even surgeries later in life
  6. Build a relationship between your child and their orthodontist... your orthodontist will get to know your child and assess their growth and development, so that if your child needs treatment in the future they will be comfortable with their orthodontist and the office
  7. Give your child self confidence... straight teeth are proven to help people with their self confidence at any age. Help your children by taking them to an orthodontist early on, they will thank you when they are older!

Orthodontic Care for Children, Teens & Adults

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